🔔 史上最大汽油加税案,今天我们必须发声反对SB1




再过几天州长Jerry Brown就要签署这个法案,因此共和党议员们呼吁所有人给媒体写信,在社交媒体上发言,促使州长否决SB1。


加州参议院共和党领袖Patricia Bates的办公室今天联系到飞洋在线,委托我们翻译并转发加州共和党反对SB1的材料。他们迫切希望把这些信息传达给华人社区。希望广大读者积极转发,联系当地英文或中文媒体,并在社交媒体上广泛传播。参议员Bates的新闻主管Nguyen女士很重视微信这个平台,飞洋在线也会维持这条联系华人社区和加州共和党的交流渠道。

以下是来自加州共和党领袖Patricia Bates办公室以及共和党核心小组(Senate Republican Caucus)的信息。

SB1让每个家庭每年多付几百美元。现在我们唯一的机会就是呼吁州长Jerry Brown否决。




EmailDate:Name of the Editor
Name of the Newspaper
City of PublicationDear XXXX:In the next few days Governor Brown may sign Senate Bill 1, a massive gas and car tax increase into law. The Democrats in charge at the Capitol strong-armed this legislation through both houses in one night! It’s going to force all Californians to pay $5.2 billion per year more in new taxes on gas and our cars forever. Democrats say the money will go to fix California’s crumbling roads and potholes. I don’t buy a word.I urge Governor Brown to VETO SB 1. Fixing our roads should be a priority, but not this way,not by breaking the backs of hardworking Californians. This is going to hurt low-income people and commuters who have to drive long distances. While the Governor and Democrat Legislators make six-figure salaries and get to travel on the state’s dime, the rest of us sure don’t. This is going to hurt.I can’t keep taking tax hikes. The never-ending picking of my pocket has got to stop. I urge everyone to write the governor and demand that he VETO SB 1.Your Name
Your City

在脸书 (Facebook) 等社交媒体上发帖的模板:

Last week Sacramento Democrats passed a $5.2 billion dollar gas and car tax increase. This is the largest gas tax increase in California history. Democrats claim they needed the tax increase to fix our roads. Instead of considering common sense alternatives that would have used current money to fix our roads, once again, they reached into our pocketbooks for another hand out. I admit our roads, highways and bridges are in bad shape, but a $5.2 billion dollar tax increase that will never expire is not the way to do it.

I continue to stand in strong opposition to the tax increase.

You have an opportunity to let the Governor know how harmful this tax increase will be on all Californians. Please write letters to the editor to your local paper to voice your opposition to the tax increase and ask the Governor for a veto of SB 1. I have put a couple of examples of letters to the editor that you can sign and send into your local paper below. You can also use some of the social media graphics to post and share on facebook and twitter. We can only stop this terrible tax increase if we all work together. I am looking forward to hearing from you on this important issue.


  • OPPOSE largest gas tax increase in CA history #vetoSB1
  • 反对加州历史上最大的一次增加汽油税 #vetoSB1
  • Tell Capitol Democrats to stay out of your pocket. VETO gas tax & use existing resources to repair our roads and highways #vetoSB1
  • 告诉民主党不要老算计我的钱包。否决增加汽油税。用已有资金修路。#vetoSB1
  • Fill your car up weekly? You’ll have to pay an extra $125 a year. Own a truck, make it $260 #vetoSB1
  • 你每周都给汽车加油吗?你会因此每年每辆车多付$125, 皮卡多付$260 #vetoSB1
  • Capitol Democrats plan leaves the door open to divert these new funds to the high-speed rail project and non-transportation #vetoSB1
  • 民主党可能把这些钱用在建设高铁上,而不是改善交通。 #vetoSB1
  • Dem plan says that LESS THAN 5% of funds can go to traffic relief. You still sit in traffic for 3 days a year #vetoSB1
  • 民主党的计划只有不到5%的钱用来改善交通。你还会每年浪费三天的生命堵在路上 #vetoSB1
  • Bad policy from Capitol Democrats cost California drivers $1 more per gallon in future #vetoSB1
  • 民主党的这项政策以后会让每加仑汽油贵出1美元 #vetoSB1
  • Our state can give our schools their fair share & still have $16 billion a year for roads without raising taxes #vetoSB1
  • 加州在确保教育经费的前提下还能每年拿出160亿美元修路,没有必要加税 #vetoSB1



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