About PacifiLink

PacifiLink offers a wide range of products and services.

Online Publishing

PacifiLink publishes three Chinese-language magazines on WeChat, iFeng from Phoenix TV, and Dayu. All three are very popular in China and among Chinese-Americans in the United States. Our goal is to introduce America’s culture, politics, education and tourism to our viewers from a perspective lacking in traditional media.

Most of our authors reside in the United States. Their first-hand experience and knowledge have gained us a loyal audience across the Pacific Ocean. With each platform’s powerful technology, our articles are delivered directly to users’ smartphones. We also have the capability to engage viewers directly and in a timely fashion.


PacifiLink designs and manufactures a variety of branded products.

Consulting Services

PacifiLink also provides Software Engineering, Web Design and Hosting, Translation, and other services, with a focus on campaigns and large events.

PacifiLink is based in San Diego, California.

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  1. Awesome! Have been following your Twitter for a while and I applaud what you’re doing in the Chinese communities. MAGA!

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